Beyond Traditional Hypnosis

atr-009_2006_07_31_009As we continue exploring consciousness through the use of hypnosis, relaxation, and meditation, new understandings come to light, and more profound techniques are developed that go beyond traditional hypnosis. By guiding you into profound depths of relaxation and letting go, we can access amazing mental abilities.

Traditional hypnotic processes work with a state called somnambulism and rely on suggestion for results. This is a powerful and effective state, and over a hundred years’ worth of history and writings attest to this. Additionally, in modern times hundreds of studies have now been done validating the effectiveness of hypnosis as a modality of change and healing.

The Ultra Depth Process is an astounding and little-known discovery of our time that goes beyond the limits of hypnosis and other healing modalities. It is believed that this is the same state that Edgar Cayce attained when he did his famous readings. It facilitates direct and powerful communication with your Higher/Subconscious Self. Accessing the Subconscious as a partner allows powerful healing mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is the Subconscious Self that does the work to create healing, not the practitioner. This is exciting for you because it empowers you to be your own healer! As a practitioner, I simply guide you into the state to allow your Subconscious Self to come through. In this state, suggestion from the practitioner, ie., an outside source, often isn’t even necessary for incredible results.


A Clearer State of Consciousness Through Profound Relaxation

BLACK-GIFThe Ultra Depth Process enables you to attain a clearer state of consciousness through deep and profound relaxation. This allows your Subconscious Self to then communicate through you for your best well-being and guidance.

Your Subconscious Self wants to help you and serve you. You are its dearest manifestation, and it is here to help when you engage it. By allowing your conscious aspect of Self to recede through profound relaxation, your Subconscious Self has a clear avenue of communication and can identify the best way to work with your brain, mind, and body to help you achieve peace and well-being. Your Subconscious Self knows what you need to heal from your life’s painful situations and traumas and can help you release the effects of your suffering. Going into a place of deep calm and spaciousness gives your Subconscious Self the ability to work with your body/mind to bring you a sense of freedom, peace and well-being.

Your Subconscious Self understands you and knows your needs better than anyone outside of you; so turning to your Self for your healing is the path to your peace and joy. And the path to your Self is through deep, profound relaxation and letting go.


Benefits and Gifts of the Process

Apophysis-060202-5Because Ultra Depth is a very deep and profound state of relaxation, you will attain the same levels of relaxation and self-awareness that experienced meditators achieve. You will dramatically reduce the stress that is a major contributor to disease and optimize your health at the same time.

This deeper state is profound for self-healing because healing is enhanced six to ten times more than the normal rate of healing. By simply spending time in this state, you allow your Subconscious Self to do its work freely. Other gifts of the Ultra Depth Process are analgesia and local or general anesthesia. This may be used for pain relief as well as surgery without anesthesia.

Another benefit of this process is the ability to set up “keywords” that allow you to instantly access this state simply by repeating certain words to yourself. This gives you independence and freedom to recreate the state at will without the need for a recording or a hypnotherapist to guide you into one of the most profoundly deep states of relaxation there is.

Regular practice of the Ultra Depth Process will also increase your levels of energy and motivation, improve and deepen your quality of sleep, increase your focus and attention, and enhance creativity. Like regular meditation, it will also help you develop an inner sense of calm stability, becoming less reactive to the stressors of your life and responding to events and people with an increased sense of equanimity.

With the practice of Ultra Depth, you may experience higher levels of consciousness, develop your intuition, and expand your personal insight. You will be able to reach deep into your Subconscious to find your life’s solutions.

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