The Activation, a Cutting-Edge Healing Technique


The Activation is a groundbreaking trauma-clearing technique that is based on ancient wisdom and cutting-edge trauma research. It is simple and effective, and it provides a comprehensive approach to healing and rapid personal transformation. This process, developed by Simon and Evette Rose, allows you to delve into the where, why, and how trauma creates problems in your life, looking at patterns that originated not only from your current life, but also going back into generational patterns and even into trauma held in your biology going back to your conception.

Some of the most recent research into how we store trauma goes beyond the story of what happened, our thoughts and beliefs about it, and our feelings. Research by Peter Levine and Robert Scaer, among others, has shown that we need to go deeper than thoughts and feelings to understand the hold trauma has on our mind and body and the symptoms and patterns arising from it. It has been shown that trauma is held in place in the body through what are called “survival instincts,” mechanisms put out by the primitive part of the brain to keep us safe. Fight and flight are two commonly known survival instincts, but there are others as well. It is these unresolved instincts that hold trauma in our “bodymind” and prevent us from healing and moving on. This trapped energy can be the foundation of such symptoms as PTSD, anxiety, a racing mind, insomnia, and the other symptoms mentioned earlier.

It is also these unresolved instincts that create symptoms or patterns of behavior that perpetuate the effects of the trauma. An example of this would be how an unresolved flight instinct manifests itself in behavior of not being able to stay in long-term relationships or constantly changing jobs or places to live. A physical manifestation of this instinct might be problems in the legs or feet, the parts of the body involved in running away to safety. And an emotional manifestation may be a frantic mind always looking for the next escape route and never being able to focus or quiet itself.

What the new research has shown is that, as long as the instincts that hold the trauma in place in the body remain “switched on,” the emotions surrounding the trauma are held in, as well as the story or the memory itself with all the beliefs associated with it. Until the instinct is released, the trauma can’t resolve.

When Affirmations Don’t Work


This explains why the use of affirmations, positive thinking, new beliefs, and an intellectual understanding of an issue won’t necessarily change things. That is often working from the level of the symptom. In order to really heal, change needs to happen on the deepest level, the level of the instinct. When that happens, the emotions can release, and the symptoms, patterns, beliefs, and story can shift. It is this releasing of the levels of trauma that allow the brilliant diamond of being that has always been there inside of you to shine through, unencumbered by the effects of the trauma. Once the instincts, emotions, and perspective have shifted, then affirmations and new thought patterns become powerful and effective.

Generational and Biological Healing

A powerful aspect of this work is understanding how these unresolved traumas can be passed down generationally, not only as behaviors and attitudes, but also as instincts that are blocking inner resources within a family system, or family constellation. This can even go as deeply as blocked resources within a culture or time in history that affected family systems and were passed down through the generations to affect you today. Clearing this can open up unknown resources within you that help clear limiting patterns of behavior.

Based on some of the exciting and groundbreaking work of Grant McFetridge, PhD, there is now an understanding of how trauma can be held in the earliest biological stages of our existence. He calls these “key developmental events” that occur between conception and birth, and he has been able to identify how trauma held at these various stages contributes to the emergence of limiting patterns as well. One very powerful example of the energy of abuse can be traced back to trauma held in the biology during the fertilization of the egg by the sperm. Another example is the energy brought by both parents at the time of conception. There are many different stages that occur before birth, and McFetridge believes that each of these developmental stages holds the key to peak states of being that are our natural birthright. When these stages are cleared of trauma, these peak states become available to us. He has written extensively about this and is doing very exciting research into such things as autism, ADD and ADHD, and schizophrenia with this model of healing.

See for more in-depth information. His video on the first page of the site is very informative and summarizes the concepts well. The Activation technique incorporates McFetridge’s peak states concepts into its model of clearing instincts that contribute to trauma held on the biological level.

A Consciousness Technique


The Activation is a powerful clearing technique that uses the gentle process of bringing conscious awareness to an issue, its emotions, and instincts. By incorporating the states of presence, awareness, and allowing, blocked and resisted energy is freed. States of being that have been held in separation are witnessed and acknowledged and released into the totality of all that you are, moving out of duality and back into a state of oneness.

This gentle process becomes a meditative, trance-like experience as you are guided into an internal awareness. Subconscious connections are made to similar experiences in your life, and they can all be acknowledged. Body sensations can be felt and acknowledged as well, as trauma and energy held in the body are freed up. This allows the fear and resistance around an issue to release, which moves you into a more resourceful, flexible state around the issue.

One of the benefits of this kind of approach to healing trauma is that the “story” of what happened doesn’t need to be retold in minute detail. Healing can happen by moving through the emotions and held instincts. When these shift and release, the perspective to the story automatically shifts as well. And so going deeply into the details of the story is unnecessary. For those of you who have experienced intense trauma, this can be reassuring because often the fear of having to relive the experience and talk about it is what may stop you from seeking help.

Moving into Rapid Personal Transformation

This kind of process can rapidly transform the energy of trauma and it’s accompanying patterns of behavior. When the instincts are released from the trauma, the associated patterns have no more emotional “punch,” and they are easily released from your state of being. At this point, other hypnotic processes can easily reinforce new choices, new patterns of behavior, and new perspectives of self and life. And a state of well-being can flourish because you have wonderful tools to work with your life’s challenges.