Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression

cl-2006-12-02_004Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy is a process developed by Michael Newton, PhD.  During past life regression sessions with his clients, some would spontaneously continue on after the death in that life to another state of consciousness.  Over time he came to call this state the Life Between Lives (LBL) state, a realm of spirit where the soul goes between incarnations into the physical realm.  Over the course of over 7,000 LBL sessions, he accumulated an amazing body of work which he incorporated into his books “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls.”

In exploring this state, you will find it to be a profound place of love, harmony, compassion, and wisdom.  You will get a deeper understanding of why you are facing the challenges of your present life and how your soul is growing through these experiences.  You will awaken to a new understanding of your immortal identity and explore some of the profound existential questions we all have, such as, “Why am I here?  What is the meaning and purpose of my life?  Who am I?”  And you will come to feel and know that you are not alone as you progress through this journey on earth.

This state is reached after the death in a past life regression and you transition into the spirit realm, where you may feel a sense of returning home, a place of belonging.  Joining you in this realm of your life as a soul are guides with whom have been working through many lifetimes.  You will be able to dialogue with your guide or guides to get an understanding of the prior lives you experienced in the session and how they tie in to your present life.  You may ask your guide questions about your current life and the issues with which you are dealing.  You may encounter members of your soul group, other beings with whom you are in relationship both here on earth and in the soul realm.  You may meet with the council of wise beings, very advanced beings that help you plan your many lifetimes and the tasks and challenges you choose to take on.  You may also go to an area where you can see many of the different lives you have lived to get a sense of the range and scope of all you have been and the paths of growth you are exploring.  These are just a few of the amazing experiences to be had with this wonderful work.


See Your Issues from a Higher Perspective


The beauty of this process is that you are able to see the issues you are dealing with from a higher perspective, one of love, understanding, compassion, and higher purpose.  It will give you a perspective from a much broader point of view that spans many lifetimes with many different events and outcomes, which helps you see why things are happening and how you can come to terms with the issues in your life and your role in them, including peace, acceptance, forgiveness, and emotional healing.  As a result of all this insight and understanding, you may come to see this incarnation as a precious opportunity for spiritual evolution.  This can allow you to return to your present life with a deeper understanding and commitment to your soul’s purpose and will often clarify choices that need to be made or tasks that need to be done.

It is advised per the specific protocol that Michael Newton developed that, if you haven’t experienced a hypnotic past life regression, you do this first.  This will enable you to gain familiarity with trance and all the nuances that are part of a past life regression.  It will then prepare you for the LBL session and allow a greater depth of trance, which is valuable in doing this kind of work.  You will also gain the benefit of a past life regression, which will be helpful in understanding your soul journey and will be part of the discussion with your guide(s) and the council of wise beings.

This is deep, profound, and often life-changing work. The session can also be long, taking three to four hours. So it is best to give yourself time after the session to think, integrate, be with what you experienced, and rest if you desire.

As Michael Newton states on the last page of “Journey of Souls“:

Perhaps the most gratifying feature of my work in uncovering the existence of a spirit world in the minds of my subjects is the effect this conscious knowledge has on them. The most significant benefit which comes from knowing we have a home of everlasting love waiting for us is being receptive to the higher spiritual power within our minds. The awareness that we do belong somewhere is reassuring and offers us peace, not merely as a haven from conflict, but to unify ourselves with a universal mind. One day we are going to finish this long journey – all of us – and reach an ultimate state of enlightenment, where everything is possible.”

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