What to Bring to the Session

atr-009_2006_07_31_008You will want to bring any questions you want to explore during the session.  Please write or type them on a separate piece of paper so that I can read it back during the session.  I will be able to use these questions to dialogue with your Higher Self or your guides, soul group, or council of wise beings.  These questions can be anything you wish, such as personal decisions you need to make in your life, understanding relationship dynamics, exploring the reason for emotional or behavioral patterns and dynamics in your life, and the greater purpose of your life.

It is also helpful to bring in a “cast of characters.”  This is a list of important people in your life.  It may be family, friends, business relationships, romantic relationships.  They may be currently active in your life or from your past.  They may be alive or dead.  They may have had a positive or negative impact on you.  List the name, the relationship to you, and a brief character description of the person.  Limit the list to around 10-15 people.  As we go over this, it will be helpful in exploring the significant relationships and patterns in your life.  It’s also helpful in soul group work during an LBL session.

You will be sitting for an extended period of time so wear comfortable clothing.  Also feel free to bring anything with you that you feel would enhance your experience, such as a favorite incense or essential oil, stones or crystals you like, or anything you use in your own meditative or spiritual practice that you like.  You don’t need to bring anything if you don’t want to, but it is certainly fine if you do.

Your session will be recorded.  Many people record the session with their smart phone recorder.  Otherwise, I will record the session for you.  If you want me to record the session for you, then you may either bring a flash drive for me to copy it onto or I can use Dropbox, a cloud site, for you to download the recording onto your computer.

The session can be long, and you may be hungry when it is over.  Feel free to bring something to drink or eat.  After the hypnosis portion of the session, we will take time to discuss your experience.  You may want to snack during this time if you are hungry.