Past Life Regression

Dallas-060326-69People are attracted to past life regression work for many different reasons. For some it is part of their religious or spiritual beliefs. For others it is because of an intellectual curiosity. Many people have a deep desire to experience themselves in a greater spiritual capacity than the seemingly limited experience of this present physical/mental/emotional state of being.

Often people will come to this work because they have strong relationship dynamics that they feel come from prior lifetime experiences, and they want to explore any karmic dynamics at play. Or they may have present life patterns that they think originate from a prior lifetime and want to understand the function of karma in these patterns. There may also be a desire to understand certain physical issues and whether they originate from prior life experiences or traumas.

Karma may also play out in strong affinities for certain geographical places and cultures or specific times in history that a person may be drawn to. There may also be specific talents or interests that were present so powerfully from a young age that they wonder if it comes from a past life.

Past life regression therapy is a unique way to explore these questions and issues. Often insights and perspectives are gained that can only come from this type of work. As traumas, events, relationships, and deaths in prior lives are recalled and processed, there can be a release of symptoms in the current life. Over the course of a series of regressions, profound healing and understanding can occur that changes relationships, perceptions of self, physical symptoms, and behaviors.


Spiritual Regression May Be a Spiritual Awakening

Exploring past life and spiritual regression may become a new form of spiritual awakening for you. It’s an opportunity to have an actual conscious experience of the spiritual knowledge that resides within your own mind. In your normal conscious state, these memories are hidden. But with deep hypnosis we can make a connection that lets you experience your soul memories while in human form. Often this will create a feeling of wholeness as you experience yourself in an expanded state of awareness and access the wisdom and love that exists within you. The benefit of this kind of experience is to help you move beyond daily struggles to an inner peace and oneness through self-discovery.

As you read on, I describe for you the techniques of Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. Both of these processes go beyond a past life regression. Dolores Cannon’s process allows you to access your Higher Self and engage in dialogue and emotional healing. Sometimes physical healing may also occur. Michael Newton’s process goes to the state beyond death in the past life where you can experience yourself in an expanded soul state. In this state you will be able to dialogue with your guide, your soul group, and wise beings that work with you from lifetime to lifetime. This kind of work will give you profound insight into the patterns and states of mind you experience in your current life. With the insight and emotional healing that can occur, you will be able to live your life with renewed purpose and more deeply informed choices, creating a sense of the preciousness of the journey you are on.