The Past Life Regression Session

Dallas-060129-12The past life regression session is usually around three hours long.  We will spend time taking a personal history and explaining the hypnotic process.  The personal history is helpful in gaining an understanding of the patterns and dynamics being expressed in your current life.  With the past life regression, you will gain an even deeper understanding of your soul journey and the exploration of these themes over lifetimes.  Your wise Subconscious will choose a past life that helps clarify and expand your understanding of these dynamics that your soul is exploring.  A dynamic can be experienced from many different perspectives during different lives, each one adding to the soul’s breadth of understanding and growth.

We will spend time discussing hypnosis and what it is and what it isn’t.  All your questions will be answered so that you will feel safe and comfortable with the process.  A thorough explanation of the process and techniques for allowing the memories to unfold will also be covered so that you will feel prepared and capable of doing the session.

We will go over the questions you bring to make sure I understand what you are seeking guidance on.  Often in going over your personal history, we will come up with more questions to address as we look more deeply into the patterns and experiences of your life.  If there are any physical challenges you are experiencing, we will explore those also.

We will also go over the list of important people in your life.  Some of this will have already been covered in the history.  We will also discuss anyone else on this list and how these relationships are meaningful to you.

The session is recorded so that you have something to take home with you.  Re-listening to the session is recommended because often this information recedes back into your deeper memory.


Processing Your Session


When the session is complete, we will take time to process your experience and highlight relevant aspects of everything that was explored.  Some of it you may remember; some of it you may not.  So we take plenty of time to review your session and discuss any questions you may have.  This also gives you a chance to completely reorient yourself to the present moment.  You may be hungry or thirsty after the session; so this is also a good time to snack on food you brought with you while we talk.

It is valuable to give yourself time after the session to be with your experience.  You may want time alone to process what comes up for you as you continue integrating the insights and information.  This is profound and deep work, and you may want to meditate or journal or simply be after the session as things continue to emerge from your experience.  So it is best to schedule the session on a day where you have that kind of flexibility of time after we have finished.