H. Phillips
Artist and Graphic Designer, Los Angeles, CA

I suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for many years. While not completely debilitating as some forms can be, it caused me considerable distress and discomfort. Medication did not work. So I turned to hypnosis. This program worked.

In the years since, I have experienced re-occurence but the tools I learned through the IBS Hypnosis program allowed me to control the flare-up and it continues to work for me three years later I also want to add that there are tertiary benefits to hypnotherapy that happen in addition to one’s specific goals. For instance, in the IBS treatment program, an old emotional “wound” came up and I was able to acknowledge it and put it to rest. The result has been better opportunities in my professional life, better choices in my personal life, and I’ve noticed that I’ve become more creative, less anxious, and more grounded.

I find that hypnotherapy is visually rich and vibrant. It uses your own personal symbols and language. It quickly and effectively allows one to release fears and disarm trauma more comprehensibly than that of more traditional cognitive therapies, e.g., psychotherapy. I highly recommend Paula Anderson as a hypnotherapist. I immediately felt comfortable and safe with her. She takes my concerns seriously. I also appreciate her creative approach and her ability to go beyond a “script” and deal with whatever might come up.

Karen Frimkess Wolff
Artist, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Paula, You saved my sanity, if not my life. For over five years I was plagued by a constant, involuntary throat-clearing reflex caused by damage to my esophagus by Fosamax. Years of treatments by two different ear, nose & throat doctors and three different gastrointestinal doctors did nothing to help. Damage from constant throat clearing to other parts of my body even required a surgical procedure. It was embarrassing and it was driving me crazy. In desperation, I turned to you for hypnotherapy.With several sessions and two different audio tapes you essentially brought the problem under my control. It is so reduced that I forget about it most of the time. For when it reoccurs, you gave me words that calm and control it. Once in a while I listen to your final tape to reinforce the relaxation that has given me such blessed relief. I am grateful to you every day.

Theresa Draper
Homemaker, Santa Clarita, CA

I found I was getting through my life using many habits which had seemed to work earlier, but which were now sabotaging my happiness. I became a client of Paula Anderson’s and many changes began to happen. Some were very subtle, but others were very big. I had gone to counseling in the past and found it to be sort of a band-aid. My experience with hypnosis was very different. I felt it was like, if your life was a car and you showed up with a flat tire, traditional counseling would say, let’s show you how to drive with that flat tire. Hypnosis teaches you how to change that flat tire and take off. Paula’s expertise and understanding allowed me to be so comfortable and trusting that I accomplished many changes in my life. I lost weight, I gained confidence, and I began to understand old ideas and habits that were not healthy. I learned to develop new ones that work now. The experience of hypnosis is relaxing and I felt very safe, so that I looked forward to my sessions with Paula. I am so grateful that I found her and that I gave myself the gift of a better way to live.

Designer, Sherman Oaks, CA

Paula has helped me in so many countless ways, from quitting smoking to following my passions, and getting in touch with who I am. I am so grateful and blessed to have found her. Her talents, skills, and love are endless.

J. Hoag
Actor, Studio City, CA

I have worked with Paula Anderson for over 5 years. The work we have done together has been profound and life-changing. Paula is a deeply intuitive and vastly skilled hypnotist. She has helped me transform my life. I believe that hypnosis is the deepest way to address our inner challenges. Hypnosis has helped me mentally, physically & spiritually. It has felt at times miraculous in how effectively & completely I have been healed. And Paula makes it clear that it is me who is doing the healing. She is the guide, so warm & wise, who facilitates my journey. Paula is an extraordinary woman who is truly making a big difference in the world, one person at a time.

Jackie Davidson
Mortgage Broker, Glendale, CA

I have so appreciated the chance to work with Paula and explore so many aspects of myself. The tools Paula has shared have had amazing results in my life. Truly life changing. When I took the 7 Path Class, I was still pretty sick and frail from my cancer treatment. I was interested in the class because I had never really felt “whole”. I didn’t feel integrated. I thought if I did die I might not have really “lived my life” at all. I’ve always taken care of my “Have to’s.” During the class I realized I was afraid and unable to look at some issues. Paula taught Self-Hypnosis, using the deep relaxation and self-forgiveness techniques. I began to realize I was really only afraid of the fear and there was nothing there but memories I was still reacting to. Intellectually I got it, but sometimes my body and emotions didn’t “get it”.

Then Paula offered the Emotional Freedom Technique. When I got caught up in my emotional reactions to memories, I could use that technique to eliminate or reduce my emotional and physical reactions surrounding that issue or memory.Then I could just look at the issue and make a rational choice or decision about it without my dramatic story.

There came a day when I realized at my core, that every cell in my body is filled with love. And that I want to live a healthy life as long as I can, feeling completely open to whatever is. But, I’m truly not afraid to die. Whatever this being alive and conscious experience is, there is “something” supportive under it. Feels like love to me. For the first time I can consciously remember, I feel truly loved. Unconditionally. And I love me and like me too. Life looks so rich and good and full now.

One of the gifts some of us find when the Big C diagnosis comes, is that we are faced with the question as to whether or not we want to live longer. Will we fight for it or let it go? I decided to fight for it, because I didn’t want my children to face that pain now, (They both had a lot of things going on in their lives.) so I did whatever I could to take care of myself. But emotionally I felt disconnected from that decision for me. I made the motions for health, but I was disconnected from myself and I was using force and willpower to achieve that end. But now I feel connected emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Amazing!

Now we are using the Visualization Meditations and it is very easy for me to just open to whatever comes, in that very relaxed state and continue to grow. In the class last week, Paula suggested we could go to any favorite place and relax deeply. I just stayed inside myself and felt a little frustrated because I wasn’t going anyplace. (I still like to do things “RIGHT.”) I had such a surprise and belly laugh when I realized how much I liked just being alive inside myself! That is where I went. Forget the mountains, beach and Paris. I’m an OK place for life to express itself.

The thing that is so interesting to me about this experience, is that Paula guides through teaching the Self-Hypnosis and relaxation, but all the rest is self-directed as she presents questions or visualized experiences and we go inward to explore ourselves. I only felt Paula’s support and personal integrity in giving me space to be authentically myself, never any confrontation or direction or anything lacking integrity. Paula has truly been a blessing to me.

John C.
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me back my life!! I feel so much more awake now that I can sleep through the night. I’ve also come away from our sessions with an even deeper appreciation of the mind. This has been a fascinating and very healing experience for me. Thank you again.

Robert Phipps
Writer, Burbank, CA

THE FEAR AND FALL OF FAIL Robert G. Phipps 3/1/2005
“You outlasted Failure to stop smoking.
You outlasted Failure to stop drinking.
You outlasted Failure to get a black belt.
You outlasted Failure to get through college.
You outlasted Failure to maintain a regular physical routine.
Success is next. You have failed at this many, many times, but
You are now ready to conquer it too. All you need do is define it,
And it will be yours; and Failure will fall again like it always has.
Failure is no match for you. He does not have the heart
For the long fight. You are still here and fighting,
And the sweat on his brow is not from the fight, but
From knowing he will soon fall again. Sad. Pathetic.
To see a bully finally feel the fear.”

I started taking the 7th Path Self-Hypnosis program in January 2005. Little by little, week by week, I have made more discoveries about myself, and what I have done and can do. I now understand that I have had many successes in my life, and that the reason I do not consider myself a success is that I never defined what success is for me. Anything I have gone after that was clearly defined, I achieved. I have now learned that once I define success – Success – I will have that too.

D.M. Osborne

Our teenage daughter had been swimming competitively for several years when—out of the blue, it seemed—she began to experience panic attacks. Over the course of several months, these attacks increased to a point that we feared she might have to quit swimming, a sport she loved almost as much as she enjoyed being with her friends on the team. Whereas before she approached every event with great enthusiasm and excitement, now she literally could not make it off the starting block, instead crumpling into a sad little ball on the pool deck. Her body would shake uncontrollably. Her skin would lose all color and become ice-cold. What had been one of her greatest joys in life had become a terrifying, living nightmare.

We found Paula Anderson just as our daughter was preparing to admit defeat, to give into the panic attack, and to quit swimming. Over the course of about ten sessions, Paula succeeded in turning everything around. The combination of Paula’s hypnotherapy with special CDs she recorded for our daughter to listen to at night yielded dramatic results. As a freshman on a well-regarded private high school swim team this past spring our daughter proved herself completely recovered. She began swimming butterfly again—a stroke she’d sworn off more than a year earlier. And during finals, she went on to set a new school record with her 50 yard butterfly. Together with three other girls in a 200-yard relay in which our daughter again swam butterfly, she helped her team beat a League record. She also received a team award: “Most Outstanding Swimmer” on the JV portion of the school team.

This is all 100 percent true, and I would gladly discuss it with anyone considering Paula’s service. She is a remarkable woman with a true gift at hypnotherapy.


Testimonials From CitySearch On Web

Peter B.

Paula is a fantastic hypnotherapist! She has a huge heart and a fantastic practice that is loving and supportive.Peter B


Fundamental Change – I went to see Paula Anderson at Creative Mindwork Hypnosis on the recommendation of a friend. I was at the end of my tether with traditional therapy and was coping with fairly severe OCD. I’d gone to the top at UCLA and, frankly, felt used and harassed. The creme de la creme was disrespectful and, I felt, knows their modes are outdated so seemed kind of angry to boot.

Paula, within the first 2 hour session, gave me more clarity about my entire life than I’d ever had in years of (on and off) therapy. I’m a writer and I told her later that the only way I’d experienced that kind of insight was through writing. “That’s because when you’re creative you’re also tapping into your subconscious,” she said.

The subconscious is what you get at in Creative Mindwork therapy, and the best way I can describe the quantum difference this makes is to quote another friend: Picture yourself trying to heal manually. Every time the same darn problem arises, you have
to pull the same difficult lever and try really hard and, maybe, just maybe, you hope, you’ll get better. Then picture more automatic shifting. I did the work – and came in ready to really go there and be honest about my issues. But I am convinced
that the most quantum healing was about 75% from sheer effortless retraining of my mind that Paula did.

The shifts I have experienced have been life-altering. And I’m still coming out further! It’s like I woke up to life again. Paula is employing powerful tools but she is also brilliant in understanding how to utilize them. This also goes beyond a
profession for her – it is a calling. She will talk to you when you need it, after a session. She will not look at your life as a source of entertainment (again, many therapists – even the nice ones- I’d seen in the past ultimately seemed like they
were interested in *gossip* as much as my healing. Not Paula.)Go while she still has appointments available!- glimmering


Best Results in Shortest time – My first – time hypnosis therapy session. Not at all like the “myths”. I was referred to Paula by a co-worker and I had my doubts at first. I needed to break through a motivation
block towards getting my coaching business of the ground and my fitness regimen back in gear. Two–count them—TWO sessions and I had a breakthrough I will recall for a life time!

I am thrilled at the results Paula delivers. Comfortable, paced, relaxed, gentle and whole. Paula’s process is “effective” and “quick”. I am now in gear and on my way to completing my projects and working out weekly (which was like climbing Mt. Everest
for me).

THANK YOU Paula!!! It worked (and well worth the investment). -growthmotivator7


Highly Effective – I first visited Paula for smoking cessation with fantastic results. I had smoked for the better part of 20 years and had quit many times through various methods yielding various results. None
of which compare with hypnosis. I had the easiest time quitting ever! I’ve since visited Paula for music performance anxiety and found that to be very helpful as well.

I highly recommend a visit to Creative Mindwork Hypnosis. – blacksheep007


Profound Results – I came to Paula during a very challenging time of waiting to find out if I have cancer or not. Paula’s intelligence, sensitivity, gentleness and years of experience were exactly what I needed, taking me to places of insight and healing within myself that I could not have accessed on my own. I am also a hypnotherapist and have known Paula for over 6 years now, and during this difficult period she is the first person I thought of to help me. Thankfully, I finally got the all clear from my doctor that I don’t have cancer. I continue to work with Paula on the level of mental and spiritual healing, clearing the ancient issues that I believe are related to this. In 4 sessions I feel myself much more alive, vital and happy, feeling healthy and with a new appreciation and love for my body. That’s huge, and well worth the investment. She has a lot of experience working with health issues and I highly recommend her. – lisamarie1


Simple, effective and rewarding – I quit smoking in just 3 sessions and also helped focus on larger issues.

It’s a bit pricey and insurance didn’t cover it, otherwise I’d keep going until I became a superman.

Definitly very effective and very straight forward– no swinnging watches and coo-coo hocus pocus. – seawadv


Best thing I ever did. Paula’s services work. Things are resolved in very few sessions. She’s not all hippie-dippy crystal-faerie either; it’s more like guided meditation. If you’ve tried therapy and feel that you
understand your issues but they still play a role in your life, go to Paula. They will go away. And you won’t be in therapy for the rest of your life. Her goal is to get it resolved and send you on your way. – koletko


Great experience – I went to Paula for help quitting smoking and the results were immediate and incredible. Within a week I’d forgotten that cigarettes even existed. I’d tried quitting many times before, and it was never as painless and easy as this. No jitters, no moodiness, nothing. I was so impressed I stayed on for a while to work on other issues and it really helped. Paula is a warm and caring person with great insights. All around great experience. – carinac